I Can’t Do Fashion: Here’s Some People That Can

I Can’t Do Fashion: Here’s Some People That Can

Fashion is not a concept I tend to associate myself with. I do not call myself a fashionable person. I buy the cheapest clothes possible in the Boohoo or Asos sales and then accessorise them with more expensive bits and bobs that I buy (cheaply of course!) on Ebay. (Recent fab finds include some £10 Timberlands and a £30 Marc Jacobs jacket.)


But I digress.

Fashion bloggers are my guilty pleasure. I’m full of questions:

Who takes your photos?

How do you not look stupid in your photos?

How do you know what accessories look good with what?

How do you match colours?

Honestly, I’m in awe. So I thought I would shout out some of my faves.


I know Amy doesn’t call herself a fashion blogger but we can all see that cheeky ‘style’ category on her blog, so go click on that! She makes fashion look effortless and don’t even get me started on her braids because how?!

Check out: Autumn Wardrobe Staples


This girl can pull off outfits that I can only dream of. She is the ‘coolest’ looking gal on the planet, like a baby Hayley Williams. And I hope to God she thinks that’s a compliment because it definitely is!

Check out: Vee doesn’t have any outfit posts because she’s silly so I’m sending you to her Instagram. Vee’s Insta


Lucy is that person who just seems to know what to wear on any occasion. She’s the queen of a good dress and can even rock a playsuit (which is no easy feat!)

Check out: Holiday Lookbook


If you haven’t noticed yet, there’s kind of theme with these girls. They all pull off outfits that I just could not and Amyleigh is no exception. She makes DOUBLE DENIM LOOK GOOD and has a hat face. Oh how much easier life would be if I had a hat face!

Check out: Return of Double Denim

Before you go read these lovely ladies’ style posts, let me know your favourite fashion bloggers in the comments!

Rachel x-x-x


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  1. December 6, 2016 / 7:14 pm

    Thank you SO much lovely, I honestly don’t see myself as fashionable which is why my category is called style hahaaa! Also most of my stuff is from the Asos sale too! Xxx

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