Why I Stopped Hate Following

Why I Stopped Hate Following

Ahh social media, the technology that allows us to continue viewing the lives of people we no longer see, care about or even like.

If you’re not a hate follower then I commend you. For as long as social media has existed I have been friends with people on Facebook whose content really riles me up, I’ve avoided following people on Instagram yet continued to have a look like their profiles every once in a while and I’ve failed to unfollow Twitter users whose lives are a trainwreck.

Whether it’s insecurity or just humanity, most of us prefer reading the bad to seeing people’s successes. A huge Twitter argument? You can bet I’m refreshing that timeline like nobody’s business. A giant relationship break all over Facebook? I’m probably screenshotting to discuss with my friends. Let’s not pretend we don’t do these things. Unless it truly it just me in which case I’m just a horrible person.

But as I’ve matured (read: aged), I’ve realised that I’m way more interested in seeing people do well and be happy than I am in petty gossip and moaning Insta stories.

These days I’m getting better at this hate-following thing, and by getting better, I mean I’ve stopped doing it. As is human nature, putting others down can feel therapeutic and help you feel like you’re growing socially but in reality, it’s not cool at all. On the other hand, supporting others and building your pals up is incredibly cool.

If you think you’re guilty of a hate-follow, here’s what I did to curb that horrible habit.

  1. Unfollow all of the people you hate-follow. Every single one. Even that friend from school’s mum who writes horrifically racist statuses.
  2. Maybe cut down on your social media use. If you’re spending enough time on social media that you’re searching accounts out to make yourself feel better, then perhaps it’s time to quit that.
  3. Interact! Instead of silently creeping around on the internet, taking sneaky screenshots to send to your friends, use some of that negative energy and transform it into engaging with others. Send your pals funny memes, compliment them on their selfies and mean it! Do anything that’s not being judgy mcjudgerson.

Finally, no one’s perfect. I think everyone has hate-followed some time in their lives, so you’re not a terrible person! But it’s definitely a habit that’s far easier to pick up than it is to break!

Rachel x-x-x



  1. November 15, 2017 / 10:06 pm

    I feel that social media makes it too easy and accessible to ‘get to know’ the lives of people who you don’t necessarily like. In everyday life, you wouldn’t spend any time with them and yet online, it is simply one click away. Great tips! For me, for accounts that I compulsively checked, I actually ended up blocking them since it would physically stock me from searching or viewing anything they had.


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