Favourite Bloggers 2017 #2

Favourite Bloggers 2017 #2

A Crush On Life

Srna’s blog just radiates positivity, also it’s snowing on her header right now which is incredibly cool. Srna writes about everything from skincare to body positivity and a whole load about love. She is so supportive of everyone and her blog makes for great needing when you need a happiness boost!

Fave Post of 2017:

This year Srna got married at the most beautiful ceremony ever and she wrote a super cute post on the whole day so that has to be my favourite post this year. Check it out here: Our wedding day: Goodbye distance, Hello bliss!

Adventure and Anxiety

I love Beth’s blog because it has something for everyone. It’s got beauty, travel and lifestyle but my favourite posts of hers are the long form personal essays (partly because I’m nosy but also because I just love her writing).

This year Beth has done a really interesting mental health series as well as chronicled her many visits to some beautiful historical attractions across Scotland.

I know that Beth is going to kill 2018 with her blog so get her bookmarked right now.

Fave Post of 2017:

Beth would likely say she hasn’t smashed this year regarding blogging but I beg to differ. It took me aaages to find my favourite post of the year because I got caught up re-reading everything again. But my very favourite is this one because I love a bit of reflection: Ten Things That I’d Do Differently.

Sweet Peas and Lavender

Tori had a revamp this year which I am still loving. Sweet Peas and Lavender is a mix of everything, so when Tori says she’s writing a post it could be on anything, which is why I love it so much. Tori is also absolutely slaying the Insta game at the moment so make sure you check that out here.

Fave Post of 2017:

My Degree Course and Why I Chose Creative Arts:

Having zero creative bones in my body, this was such an interesting read. Tori works so hard at her degree and her finished pieces always look amazing.

No Light Without Darkness

Zoe’s blog is more of a recent favourite for me but her blog is one that I’m always checking to see if she’s uploaded a new post. Most of Zoe’s posts are mental health related with a few lifestyle type think pieces in there too. What I love about Zoe’s blog is how emotive her writing is. I love reading posts that really show me who the person is and how they’re feeling and I always get that with Zoe.

Fave Post of 2017:

My favourite post of Zoe’s this year is one of her recent ones called I’ll never be Emily because I think everyone can relate to it in some form.


Basically, I just love Lauren. She always wears the best clothes, her beauty posts are pretty much the only beauty posts I read and also her puppy is the cutest.

Seriously though, Lauren has photography skills I could only dream of and I love how much of a positive vibe Loulabellerose has.

Fave Post of 2017:

Anxiety and Learning My Limits was my favourite of Lauren’s posts this year. I’m always a huge advocate of people sharing about their mental health and it was such an honest post about something that so many of us feel but few really talk about.

Rachel x-x-x


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    Thank you so much for the mention, lovely! This just fills my heart with joy, coming from a blogger that I love <3


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