5 Board Games To Pester Your Family With

5 Board Games To Pester Your Family With

You might think that I, generally not a lover of people, would hate board games but you would be wrong. I love nothing more than getting the drinks flowing with a good board game (preferably not Monopoly) and everyone having a jolly good time.

Here’s a round-up of 5 of my favourite board games, whether it’s Christmas and you need something to keep your Dad awake or you’re just having a night in with friends.

Ticket To Ride

This is a classic sit-down-for-two-hours, play the game and don’t talk about irrelevant things while we’re playing kind of game. Is that just me or are other people that anal about board games? (I’m a total Monica).

Ticket To Ride is great if you’re a real board game lover and it’s also good clean fun for all the family. I’m looking at you Cards Against Humanity. The aim of the game is to lay down your railway track while sabotaging other people’s journeys and ultimately end up at your destinations with the maximum points.

It’s fun and also educational because honestly, who knew where Smolensk was before playing this?

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Not exactly a board game but it’s still fun for everyone and a lot cheaper than some of the others on this list. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a computer game that you can download through Steam. Once it’s downloaded, you print off the manual from online and get to work.

It’s a team game, so one person uses the controls on the computer to diffuse the bomb but can’t see the manual while the other team have the manual and can’t see the screen. It’s all about teamwork and puzzles and just a disclaimer, it’s likely to cause a few arguments, so don’t expect to still be friends by the end.

Obama Llama

Obama Llama is kind of like charades except all of the answers are rhymes. There are loads of cards so it has great replay value (which I’m always about when parting with my money) and you don’t need any actual knowledge so also good for people who complain about quiz board games.

Monopoly Deal

If you hate monopoly (like me) then Monopoly Deal is a shortened version with cards and none of that going to jail rubbish. I always seem to end up in jail in monopoly and can’t get out so that’s probably why I don’t enjoy it. Monopoly Deal is particularly good for Christmas Day when you’re all getting a little hangry because Mum said it’d be ready by 3pm and it’s now 3:10.

Tsuro of the Seas

I was a little unsure of this game when I first saw the box. It looks like a hardcore board gamer type game but it’s actually a lot of fun and really simple to get the hang of. It’s a puzzle game where the aim is to stay on the board the longest while sending people off the edge of the board or making them crusade in dragons. It’s a great family game but a little on the pricy end.

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