I Stopped Wearing Foundation, Here’s What Happened…

I Stopped Wearing Foundation, Here’s What Happened…

I’ve never been one for caking foundation onto my face but nor have I ever had the confidence to completely stop wearing makeup when I leave the house. This year’s hot hot summer coupled with my constant whining about my dry skin meant that something had to change.

My reluctance to stop wearing foundation came from a few problem areas with my skin.

  1. For as long as I can remember, my skin has been horribly dry. I’ve always been desperate to cover up that flaky T-zone and to fake the dewy look with some kind of glowy foundation.
  2. I have a few small but definitely existent scars on my forehead from teenage spots and while it’s likely that no one ever notices them except me, it’s something that I’m really conscious of.
  3. REDNESS. The bane of my life. If I’m hot I get red cheeks, if I’m cold I get red cheeks. But this can all be fixed with a little foundation.

However, in recent months I realised that foundation wasn’t helping my dry skin at all. If anything, it was making it more obvious as well as feeling like I’d hit a point in my life where I no longer wanted to rely on a face full of makeup to feel confident enough to go out.

So I took the plunge and here’s how what happened…

The first day of no foundation coincided with the first day of my new placement which made me feel equal parts good and terrified. Good because no one knew what my skin looked like without foundation but so scared that it would look so obvious to everyone that I wasn’t wearing anything on my skin. Clearly no one had a clue and my fears were totally unfounded. But for each day after that, it got a little bit easier. And now? It’s just a step in my beauty routine that has quickly been forgotten.

Stopping wearing foundation has done wonders for my skin.

It’s no longer as dry! This is truly mind-blowing for me. My skin has been dry since I was a teenager so to wake up and not feel like my skin is gagging for a drink is incredible. To help with this, I’ve recently discovered Cetaphil. I use the moisturising lotion every day and save the moisturising cream on the right for when I need a bit extra skin quenching.

Spots are a thing of the past. I always knew that clogging my pores with foundation wasn’t ideal for my skin but I had no idea just how clear my skin would be if I didn’t wear it.

It’s also made me feel a lot more confident in myself. To most people I probably don’t look very difficult with or without foundation but knowing that I can go out without the crutch of it feels somewhat enlightening.

Okay, so the redness has sadly not dissipated but it’s a small price to pay for clearer, happier skin.


Let me know whether you would consider quitting foundation!

Rachel x-x-x



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