I Left My Heart in San Francisco

I Left My Heart in San Francisco

San Francisco has never been on my bucket list. Sure, I’ve always wanted to see The Golden Gate Bridge but I didn’t ever really think I’d go. However when Brandon suggested a road trip there from Southern California I said yes. I could hardly turn down an opportunity to see ‘The Paris of the West,” could I?

It turned out that San Francisco was the city of my dreams. I loved everything about it, from its calf building hills to its hundreds of sea lions basking in the sun at Fisherman’s Wharf. Sadly we only spent two days there which meant we couldn’t do everything but we did manage to pack a lot in to our little trip, so here’s what we got up to.

Fisherman’s Wharf

Fisherman’s Wharf is the ultimate tourist attraction in San Francisco. I know some people love to roll their eyes at doing ‘touristy’ things but I love finding out what draws so many people to visit a city as well as finding other things to do that are a little more off the beaten track.

It’s a great place if you like seafood, but if you don’t there’s still plenty to do, eat and see. You can also get a really good view of Alcatraz and the Bay Bridge from here.

Coit Tower

I probably wouldn’t have come across Coit Tower unless Sian from Sian Blogs had recommended it to me. The only way up and down is via a lift so if you really hate lifts you may have to sit this one out and to get to the bottom of the tower there are quite a few steps and a really steep hill. However, if you can get up then I really recommend it. The view from the top is incredible. This is just one of the photos I took but it’s a great way to see whole city and really get a feel for just how steep some of the roads are.

San Francisco is quite an expensive city so at just $8 euros, Coit Tower is both cheap and fun.

Sutro Baths

Brandon suggested going to see Sutro Baths because he’d heard about it on a podcast. The baths used to be a swimming pool complex but never really got off the ground due to the high running costs. Suspiciously, the baths were destroyed by a fire in 1966 caused by arson and were never rebuilt.

If you don’t have a car, then it’s probably not worth driving to the edge of the city just to see the ruins, but if you’re in the area then it’s pretty cool if you like abandoned things. The day we visited, it was absolutely pouring down and we were the only people around which gave the whole place a really spooky vibe.

Muir Woods

I know this photo looks like I’m someone in Yorkshire but I promise it’s San Francisco. Situated only 16 miles from the centre of San Francisco are the beautiful Muir Woods. If you want to see the enormous Redwoods then this is the place. It was slightly overcast and foggy the day that we visited but I’d love to go back when the weather is clearer.

The Painted Ladies

The highlight of our San Francisco trip was definitely The Painted Ladies. There are a few other painted ladies dotted around America but the term was first used for these gorgeous Victorian houses in San Fran.

Although we spent less than 48 hours there, I definitely left my heart in San Francisco and I’m already planning my next trip.

Have you visited San Francisco? What’s your favourite city? Let me know!

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