Caffeinated Thoughts

Caffeinated Thoughts

I am trying to find a coffee shop in the middle of Berlin. I’m full of pizza and beer and it’s mid afternoon and I’m starting to feel sleepy. I check my phone to see that we’ve already walked 20,000 steps and despite wanting to pack an activity into every single moment of our trip, I’m also able to acknowledge that I’d like to still be able to use my legs tomorrow so perhaps a break would be okay.

We spot a free table, so cramped that I feel like I’m almost in the plant pot next to me but I’m hopeful that the buzz of the place is a sign of good coffee. As it turns out, we’ve stumbled upon an ‘award-winning’ coffee roasters. We toy with the idea of a coffee and tonic, the newest drink to grace coffee shop menus, but eventually decide that we’re on a holiday so only a coffee Negroni will suffice. The waitress brings our drinks to us, mistakenly saying “coffee and tonic” as she puts them down. I correct her, to check that they are our cocktails and she laughs and says “sorry, that’s what I meant. You are the only ones ordering these kinds of drinks so early.” The bitter cold brew coffee takes the place of gin in the drink and it tastes so much better than any normal Negroni I’ve had.

We sit, mostly in silence but occasionally remarking on something happening in the square, sipping our drinks, taking solace in the fact that although we fly home tomorrow, we’ve made the most of every minute.



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