Embracing Autumn as an Anti-Autumner

Embracing Autumn as an Anti-Autumner

I hate Autumn. I know that uttering those dirty words is akin to saying you’re not that bothered about Christmas or that you don’t like Mean Girls but hear me out for a sec, okay?

There are lots of things I do like about Autumn. Jumpers? Love ’em. Cosy nights in? Always. Stomping through leaves like I am 5 years old? You’d better believe I still do that. But then there’s THE DARK. It’s dark when I leave wake up, it’s still dark when I leave the house and you guessed it, it’s already got dark by the time I’m home again. Autumn is a just a pit of dreariness and on top of THE DARK, there is also THE COLD. When I was younger I always wondered why my Mum had a thousand jumpers or was constantly asking my Dad if he could put the heating on. Now I understand, because thanks to genetics I am also always cold. I recently learned that there is a Spanish word for a woman that’s always cold and it’s friolera so even if being cold all the time sucks, at least there’s a funky word for it. However, I did translate that back into English and apparently it means trifle, so maybe not one to use if you’re learning Spanish. The third and final reason for disliking Autumn so intensely is HALLOWEEN. It just isn’t my thing. I love love love Tim Burton and horror films and general spookiness but people dressed up with blood running down their faces? NO THANK YOU.

Anyway, the point of this post is that although I don’t like Autumn, this year I am trying to embrace it. You may be forgiven for thinking otherwise from the above paragraph.

How are you embracing it I hear you cry? Well, let me tell you.

Firstly I have pulled out the chunky knits and I am wearing them with gusto. I’m also learning to crochet so maybe later in the season I’ll be wearing my own creations (unlikely).

Secondly, I’m focusing on the things I do like about Autumn, rather than the things I don’t. My list so far is going pretty well and I’m adding to my bullet journal page daily: hot chocolate, walks in the cold air, crunchy leaves, beautiful sunsets, orange and red trees, stews, soup, pumpkin spice lattes, cosy film nights, boots, scarves, hats.

And finally, I’m trying to make the whole month of October that little bit more positive. My boyfriend and I aren’t always the most positive of people. Although we like to think our cynicism and misanthropy are cute character traits, somewhere deep inside, we know they’re not so we’ve started Postober. At the end of each day we ask each other 3 questions: What is something nice that happened today? What did you do for someone else today? And what are you looking forward to tomorrow? It might seem super simplistic but I’m finding that it’s a really nice way to bring a bit of positivity to a normally rubbish month.

Do you enjoy Autumn? What do you love about it? Let me know!

Rachel x-x-x


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