Small Victories: Why We Should Be Celebrating Them

Small Victories: Why We Should Be Celebrating Them

According to my drafts I actually started writing this post almost a year ago. So that must make this the longest I’ve ever worked on a post. If by longest I mean I wrote an intro, left it a year and came back to it…


Don’t you find that life is all about the ‘big?’ I’m 25 and at this age, it feels like if you’re not getting engaged, getting a mortgage or getting pregnant then you don’t really have much to celebrate. There’s so much focus and energy put into the ‘big’ celebrations that I wonder if we ever remember to celebrate the small victories.

I’m bad at being proud of myself most of the time, especially a few months down the line from something exciting happening. So I got a job. It’s all woohoo at the time but then I just start to wonder why I’m celebrating something that everyone does. Sorry if it’s all getting a bit Camus in here, but hopefully you understand where I’m coming from.

Think about how we commend children. Woo you went to the toilet without wetting yourself or yaaay you ate all your dinner. We don’t do it as adults and honestly, it makes me a bit sad. So I think we should start celebrating all our victories, but especially the small ones. Yesss I read a whole chapter today without being distracted by my phone a million times in between. Congratulations me for going to the supermarket when really I just wanted to stay in and watch another episode of Brooklyn 99.

Basically, I don’t want to get so caught up in reaching big milestones that I forget to celebrate the small stuff, or worse, belittle my successes once the initial excitement has died down.

I didn’t really manage a lot on my to-do list or make any incredible headway on life plans today, but I did make a great coffee, braided my hair reasonably well and wrote this blog post. I should be proud of that.

What small victories have you had lately? Let me know!

Rachel x-x-x


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