Productive Things You Can Do In The Next 5 Minutes

Productive Things You Can Do In The Next 5 Minutes

If you couldn’t already tell, I’m a sucker for productivity hacks. I love feeling productive and often feel a little bit anxious if I even let 5 minutes get away where I’ve done nothing (that’s a post for another day because that’s definitely not a good aspect of my personality).

Anyway, we all have those 5 minute blocks of time where nothing is going on. Waiting for the bus or the kettle to boil, wanting to get the washing out the machine but it still has 5 minutes on the timer, all those periods spent waiting for your partner to tie his shoes up (why this take 5 minutes, I don’t know, but it always seems to?)

I’ve recently written myself a 5 minute list – a list of things I can do that won’t take any longer than 5 minutes. Because, sometimes it’s really easy to spend 5 minutes scrolling your phone when you be doing something productive like putting the dishes away, plus saving yourself time later. Future you will thank past you, I promise.

Personally I don’t like to write my actual to-dos on the list, even if they will take less than 5 minutes. I prefer to write down those boring recurring tasks like making the bed or putting the washing on because there’s never a time when these don’t seem to need doing and sometimes it’s nice to just have that reminder.

So grab your notebook, take 5 minutes and write yourself a list to inspire you next time you’re waiting around. Here’s mine for inspiration.

  • Read (something, anything, a short chapter of a book, your favourite poem, or just an article you keep meaning to read that gets sent to the bottom of your list).
  • Text your parents.
  • Write your journal (it takes no time at all and yet I rarely prioritise it.)
  • Stretch (Your body wants and needs it!)
  • Check your to-do list
  • Send that email that’s been sitting in your drafts for weeks.
  • Edit a photograph for Instagram.
  • Put a 5 minute timer on and tidy away as much as you can.
  • Put on clean bedsheets.
  • Wipe down your kitchen sides.
  • Put a load of laundry on.
  • Do the dishes.
  • Put away the dishes (my least favourite task in the world).
  • Drink some water.
  • Meditate.
  • Do 10 squats, crunches, cartwheels – whatever makes you feel good.
  • Pay a bill.
  • Meal plan your week.
  • Check your calendar for the week.
  • Cull your Facebook/Twitter/Insta friend list.
  • Make coffee/lunch/date plans.
  • Declutter one area of your house – but make sure there’s a 5 minute timer on so you don’t get carried away.
  • Check your bank balance.
  • Make that doctor’s appointment.

I’m slowly using my 5 minute list to help me get some of the boring stuff done, though it’s still not quite motivating me to put the dishes back in the cupboard.

Do you have a 5 minute list for getting jobs done? What would you put on yours? Let me know in the comments.

Rachel x-x-x


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